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JBL vs. Godzilla
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Too many cute wrestlers.
Too goddamned little time. 
Everyone’s favorite Canadian-Syrian gingerface being the adorable twerp that he is. 

Look at this living-breathing-derping gingerface angel pokemon. I want one for Christmas.

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Freaking adorable.

I swear Sami Zayn is so freakin’ adorable I can’t take it; SOMEONE PUT THIS POKEMON BACK IN HIS POKEBALL


That I have a legitimate lady boner for keffiyeh scarves is bad enough.
That this stupidly adorable ginger furball is wearing one shirtless while shadowboxing is agagahahshgshgadjagsjkfbhkjsgdhjsvc

If there is one thing I regret about not getting into WWE NXT earlier on (don’t judge me) it is that I COMPLETELY MISSED Sami’s earlier entrance theme days. Because while I’m obsessed with “Worlds Apart”, “Lower The Boom” was freakin’ awesome.

What do you mean referees are useless?!?

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*Hears Cenas entrance music*

*Does crappy white girl dance*

*Realises I’m not Steph McMahon*

*Continues crappy white girl dance anyway*

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Loki’s age is 1048 years old




According to the captions of the first Thor movie, the battle between the Jotuns and Asgardians take place in Norway, 965 AD. Around this time, Loki was born.

In Thor 2 the life expectancy was stated to be around 5,000. The average human life in developed countries from what I’ve gathered is approximately 82.

Therefore, in human years Loki is somewhere around 17

#are you telling me loki is just going through his rebellious teenage emo stage




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'there are no wolves in california'

ladies as the leads au;

erica reyes gets bitten by a werewolf while out in the woods and must try to hide her secret with the help of her best friend lydia martin and the mysterious werewolf laura hale, while dating allison argent, the daughter of the local werewolf hunter. [inspiration]

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Good Vibes HERE

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Some people do disgusting and vile attempts at a figure four leglock and others do it right.

why don’t people tag their porn smh