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Nothing puts the release of The Hobbit more into perspective, than…~


now being THIS..~

That’s Katie Jackson guys, better known as Cutie-Patootie-Widdle-Hobbit-baby Child in Fellowship of the Ring. She’s also one of the Rohan refugee children in Helms Deep (alongside brother Billy) and in The Return of The King, she’s one of the children in Gondor who see off Faramir and his guard.

Damn. My own niece was born in 1994, and I remember when she started high school I was all 'Whut? How'd she become a teenager??' This has a relatively similar effect on me.

Perspective, my dearies. Lovely thing.

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    she is human, she goes to my school and i JUST like any other kid. Give her a break if she was alien i would understand...
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